Large Digital Industrial Temperature Displays

Our Large Digital LED Temperature Displays are probably the most comprehensive range on the market covering Industrial and Commercial applications from -200~1600°C / -328~2912°F. Thermocouple and PT100 (RTD ) inputs. Panel, Wall or Suspension mounting. Alarm and re-transmission outputs. 2,3, 4 digit scale ranges and digit heights from 2.3”~18”.  Indoor or Outdoor. 

LED Temperature Displays Group Industrial


  • Thermocouple Input types J, K, R, S, T
  • PT100/RTD Inputs 2 or 3 wire


  • -199°C ~ 1600°C
  • -326°F ~ 2912°F
  • -50.0 ~ 19.9 °C / -58 ~ 212 °F


2”, 2.3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 18”

The Industrial Range

These displays accept Industry Standard Thermocouple Inputs and 2/3 wire PT100/RTD sensors.   With a wide range of Temperature scale ranges in °C or °F.



4 Digit LED Temperature Display C Industrial

These Large Digit Industrial Displays have more features than the Commercial range, to cater for the needs of exacting industrial applications and used extensively in all industries from Clean Rooms to Foundries and Steel Plants.

A wide range of Temperature scale ranges and Input sensors, Thermocouples or PT100/RTD.

The Industrial Display range also offers the options of

  1. Alarm Outputs, Hi, Lo, Hi-Lo,  3A  SPCO ( scalable )
  2. 4~20mA or 0-10Vdc outputs
  3. Serial RS-232, RS-485, MODBUS, ASCII  outputs
  4. IP54 / NEMA 3  or    IP65 / NEMA 4X rated cases 
  5. Stainless Steel case IP65 / NEMA 4X
  6. Hi Brightness ( day light viewing ) Leds for OUTDOOR applications
  7. Digit heights, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”  ( 16” consult sales office )
  8. Double Sided or single Sided
  9. Multiline
  10. Wall, Panel or Suspension mounting  ( this method is usually for Double Sided )
LED Temperature Displays Group Industrial

SCALE RANGES – Thermocouple Input

  • Thermocouple ‘ J ‘ 0-750°C / 32-1382°F
  • Thermocouple ‘ K ‘ 0-1200°C / 32-2192°F
  • Thermocouple ‘ R ‘ 400-1600°C / 752-2912°F
  • Thermocouple ‘ S ‘ same as ‘ R ‘
  • Thermocouple ‘ T ‘ 0-400°C / 32-752°F


  • -199~200°C / -326~392°F
  • -19.9~99.9°C / -3.82~211.8°F

Digit Heights and Viewing Distances for Temperature Displays

NOTE : The viewing distances shown below are fair ‘ estimates ‘ based on the LED manufacturers recommendations for ‘ readability ‘,   this means clear reading over the distances shown.   They are not however ‘ absolute ‘,  if there is any doubt chose the next size up or down.



ActualGuide Only
2.3” (58mm)15 meters / 50 feet
4” (102mm)35 meters / 115 feet
6” (150mm)55 meters / 180 feet
8” (203mm)75 meters / 246 feet
12” (305mm)115 meters / 377 feet
14″ (355mm)135 meters /442 feet
16” (400mm)155 meters / 508 feet
18″ (457 mm)170 metres / 557 feet

Display format choices

  • Single Sided
  • Double Sided
  • Dual Line
  • Multi Line ( more than two lines )

Mounting Options for Large Digit Displays

WALL MOUNTING * 2.3” and 4.0” MODELS

Whether the display is to be mounted Indoors or Outdoors, they can be directly mounted to a WALL. Depending on the Size and number of digits in the display, side brackets are supplied or if the display is deemed to be too heavy for side brackets, we supply ‘ L ‘ shaped brackets for mounting the display directly to the wall.

If the display has side brackets these can be adjusted within the brackets to ‘ TILT ‘ the display downwards if it is mounted relatively high up. No WALL fixings are supplied for any brackets.

Wall Mounting
Wall mounting diagram

PANEL MOUNTING * 2.3”, 4.0”, 6.0” MODELS

This method of mounting is used when the display needs to be FLUSH FITTED into a Control, Panel Face. It therefore does not protrude like the WALL mounting display does. The case has a neat FLANGE around its perimeter to finish it off. Panel lock up brackets are supplied for this installation.

Flush Panel Mount
2 and 4 inch panel mounting


This method is used where displays need to be above head height so what is being displayed can be seen by the people working in an area who need to see it. All sizes of digits can be used for suspension mounting although normally this method is used with larger digits from 6” (150mm) upwards and again usually when the display is DOUBLE SIDED, although single sided displays can still be used.

Normally the display using this method will be HUNG from an overhead beam and suspended via CHAINS or a suitable secure method to a height best suited to the application.   No suspensions chains or similar hanging hardware is supplied for this.

Large digit display case Suspension Mounting with Chains

Outputs Options and Alarms


All these Large Digit LED Displays,   offer RETRANSMISSION of the information being displayed to a Local Indicator or a Central Control Room.   This is available in 6 output forms

  • 0~10Vdc
  • 4~20mA
  • RS-232
  • RS-485
  • ASCII Only one re-transmission output can be chosen per display


The alarm is rated at 3A and is a SPCO.   The Alarm can operate any external device as well as SOUNDERS and BEACONS.

  • LO Alarm
  • HI Alarm
  • HI/LO Alarm The Alarms can be easily set by the user ( scalable )

Cases for Large Digital Displays


IP54 / NEMA 3

Used for most INDOOR applications, protection against ingress of Dust, Light Water Spray, Oil and general grime

IP54 Standard Aluminium case
IP54 Standard Aluminium Case

IP65 / NEMA 4

Used for all OUTDOOR applications,  fully weather proof and can also be used in INDOOR applications where the environment is particularly harsh and corrosive.

IP65 Black Painted Case
IP65 Black Painted Case

IP65 Stainless Steel

316 Grade,  used extensively in the Food Processing Industry and in applications where exposure to SALT ( Sea Air ) is prevalent such as DOCK SIDE, SEA PORTS etc.

Stainless Steel Case
Stainless Steel Case

LED Color and Power Supply Options



These Large Digital Temperature Displays can be supplied in different colors. 

REDStandard on all displays 
 7 segment type2.3”, 4”, 7”
 DOT Led type2.3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 12”, 14”, 18”
GREEN7 segment type2.3”, 4”
 DOT Led type2.3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 12”, 14”, 18”
AMBER7 segment type2.3”, 4”
 DOT Led type2.3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 12”, 14”, 18”
BLUE7 segment type2.3”, 4” ONLY


  • 95~265Vac   ( Standard )
  • 24Vdc ( Price Adder )
  • 12Vdc ( Price Adder for Thermocouple Inputs, not PT100/RTD )


In addition to MULTILINE Temperature Displays, one of our most popular displays has become the DUAL LINE Temperature and Humidity digital display. As standard they are supplied with a 4~20mA dual input circuit with a built-in dual sensor.   NO OTHER CONNECTIONS ARE REQUIRED,   other than a power supply.

Temp Humidity Display 6 inches
Temperature and Humidity Display 6 inches
Humidity and Temperature sensor
Humidity and Temperature sensor
Temperature and Humidity Display 12 inch

Specification Sheets

Our specification sheets provide you with all the information contained on this web page in a PDF printable form. 

To download a specification sheet complete the CONTACT FORM below and if you tick the box requesting a specification sheet then you will be directed to the downloads page.

How Can We Help? 

Whatever your Large Digit LED Display requirements are we are sure we can help. Contact Us Now for further information.

To help us provide a realistic quotation we will need as much of the following information as possible.

DIGIT HEIGHT    2.3”, 4.0”, 6.0”, 8.0”, 12.0”, 14.0”, 18.0”

DIGIT COLOR     Red, Amber, Blue, Green

INPUT SENSOR TYPE    Thermocouple J, K, T, R or  PT100 / RTD


  • Thermocouple ‘ J ‘      0 –  750 °C / 32 – 1382 °F
  • Thermocouple ‘ K ‘     0 –  1200 °C / 32 – 2192 °F
  • Thermocouple ‘ T ‘     0 –  400 °C / 32 – 752 °F
  • Thermocouple ‘ R ‘     400 – 1600 °C / 752 – 2912 °F
  • PT100 ( RTD ) -200 ~ 200 °C / -328 ~ 392 °F or  -19.9 ~ 99.9 °C / -3.82 ~ 211.8 °F

NUMBER OF LINES  Single Line or  Multi Line

ANALOGUE INPUT TYPE  Current 0-20mA or 4-20mA / Voltage 0-5Vdc, 1-5vdc or 0-10Vdc

MOUNTING TYPE    Wall, Panel or Suspension

INSTALLATION    Indoor or  Outdoor

POWER INPUT   95~265Vac,  24Vdc or  12Vdc 
(12Vdc not available for Thermocouple inputs)


RETRANSMISSION  Current, Voltage or Serial

Not what you are looking for?

Here is our full range of Large Digital LED Displays

A to D (Analogue to Digital) Displays

Our LED Digital A to D Displays accept all standard industrial input signals Voltage and Current and all are  scalable. 

These LED displays will display any engineering units with decimal point position programmable.

Counters and Rate Displays

Our LED Digital Counters will accept standard input signals, contact closure, 24Vdc, NPN, PNP, Quadrature.

UP or DOWN, BATCH or TOTALISING count,  single line or multiline.

Timers and Totalisers

All Timers have a Time base in Hours, Minutes, Seconds and combinations. Long Range Timers with Years, Weeks and Days are also available. 

Typical functions are UP or DOWN timing, Totalising or Batch timing, TAKT timing, Repeat Cycle, One-Shot output.

Industrial Temperature Displays

These displays accept Industry Standard Thermocouple Inputs and 2/3 wire PT100/RTD sensors.   With a wide range of Temperature scale ranges in °C or °F.

Temperature and Humidity Displays

These Large Digital LED Displays combine Temperature and Humidity on two separate displays in a single case with an integral 4~20mA dual input sensor or a dual 0-10Vdc input signal.